Play where you can make money blog anonymous

Yes, you can make money while staying anonymous. I considered going anonymous, but after I had tied my name to my blog a bit from the start, I knew it was a little too late. July 2, at 6: 28 am. In the end, this is something you’ ll have to make a judgment call on – just know that you can always change your mind and go from anonymous to blogging under your own name, but it’ s virtually impossible to go the other way without starting over. For more information see Electric Frontier Foundation - How to Blog Safely, Global Voices - Anonymous Blogging, and Problogger - Anonymous Blogging 101. Anonymity is what fuels the internet Trolls. Play where you can make money blog anonymous. It would also be hard to build a trusting community which I think is the best part of blogging. The Blog can be entirely anonymous, you should pic a persona to do it under though. The decision of how much information you share is up to you. Do use Anonymizer or Tor to make sure your IP address isn' t logged when you post. I feel like blogging anonymously is setting yourself up for failure unless you are blogging with a pseudonym, which kind of makes you anonymous. I do have to give you credit for successfully blogging anonymously. If you’ re looking for a comprehensive guide to getting started with making money blogging, read: Problogger: Secrets for Blogging Your Way to a Six- Figure Income.

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